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  4. Description: Rocks & Co. is a British falling-price auction-style home shopping channel specialising in jewellery, the primary competitors to Gems TV, Rocks TV and The Jewellery Channel. The channel currently broadcasts live from 08:00 to 23:00 daily on Sky channel 672, Freesat channel 817 and Freeview channel 40 (13:00-23:00).
  5. History: Rocks & Co launched on 8 September 2008 and shared some of its resources with JML Direct TV, which included one of its EPG slots to the company. It wasn’t until 1 February 2010, when Rocks & Co acquired a permanent slot from JML Direct TV,[citation needed] which resulted in the channel moving from Sky channel 642 to 666.The channels format initially was only fixed priced auctions and was heavily marketed as using ‘no gimmicks’. However, a few months after the launch, this was changed to its current format due to its unpopular appeal and brought it in line with its main competitors; Gems TV and The Jewellery Channel.
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