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  4. Description: JBTV is a nationally broadcast, weekly 60-minute music television show featuring live in-studio performances, music videos, and music-related interviews from emerging and established musicians. Based in Chicago, Illinois, JBTV has over its 30-year history helped hundreds of regional artists reach a wider audience, as well as given exposure to more alternative national and international artists. It was created and hosted by Jerry Bryant in 1984, who today remains a vital aspect in the production and post-production of the show’s recent reformatting. As of the show’s 30th Season, Jerry Bryant and Greg Corner are the show’s main hosts, co-hosted by Lauren O’Neill of WKQX 101.1.
  5. History:
  6. Sector: Americas
  7. Facebook; https://vi-vn.facebook.com/
  8. Twitter: https://twitter.com/
  9. You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/
  10. Link wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JBTV
  11. Home: http://jbtvmusic.com/
  12. live Stream: http://jbtvmusic.com/live/
  13. Country: United States
  14. Language: English
  15. Category: Music
  16. Regional:
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