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    ZUUS Country

    ZUUS Country

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  4. Description: Zuus Country is an American digital broadcast television network that is owned by Zuus Media. The network specializes in broadcasting country music videos, its playlist of videos extends from the 1980s through the present day. The network also airs occasional infomercials (mostly for country music compilation albums) in prime time and other high dollar day parts (as well as throughout late-night and overnight).
  5. History: The network first launched on January 7, 2009 as the Artists & Fans Network; the music video that inaugurated the network was the Kid Rock video “All Summer Long”. AFN was first carried on satellite through DirecTV on channel 236.
  6. Sector: Americas
  7. Facebook; https://vi-vn.facebook.com/
  8. Twitter: https://twitter.com/
  9. You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/
  10. Link wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZUUS_Country
  11. Home: http://www.zuus.com/
  12. live Stream: http://www.zuus.com/videos/zuus_country_tv
  13. Country: United States
  14. Language: English
  15. Category: Music
  16. Regional:
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